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About Kinnaur District - Tourism Destination, Travel Guide - Himachal Tourist Places

Kinnaur is one of the 12 administrative districts of Himachal Pradesh.The district is divided into 3 administrative areas: Pooh, Kalpa & Nichar. Nichar is also known as Bhavnagar. The district is also divided into 5 tehsils. Tehsils are also known as counties. The administrative headquarters of Kinnaur district is at Reckong Peo. From here Kinnaur Kailash, considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva can be seen. According to 2011 census, it is the 2nd least populous district of Himachal Pradesh.

kinnaur District - Himachal Tourist Places To Visit
Kinnaur - Tourist Places To Visit
Kinnaur is about 235 kms from Shimla(the state capital). It is located at the northeast corner of Himachal Pradesh bordering Tibet to the east. It has 3 high mountain ranges. They are mainly Zanskar & Himalayas. They enclose valleys of Satluj, Spiti & Baspa and their tributaries. The slopes are covered with thick wood, orchards, fields & picturesque hamlets. At the peak of Kinnaur Kailash mountain is a famous natural rock Shiv ling. Shiv ling is also known as Shiva Lingam.
Best Time To Visit Kinnaur
Kinnaur is one of the smallest districts by population in India. It is famous for Kinnaur Kailash, a mountain sacred to Hindus, close to the Tibetan border. Most of Kinnaur enjoy a temperate climate due to its high elevation. It has long winters from October to May. It has short summers from June to September. The lower parts of the Sutlej valley & Bapsa valley receive monsoon rains. The upper areas of the valleys fall mainly in the rain-shadow area. These areas are considered to be arid regions. They are similar to the climate of Tibet. Central Asian landscape are common.

Things To Do In Kinnaur District

Kinnaur - Things To Do
Nature, Parks & Valleys

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Kamru Fort - Things To Do
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Rakcham - Things To Do
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Nako Monastery - Things To Do
Sights & Landmarks, Sacred & Religious Sites

Trout Farm - Things To Do
Nature & Wildlife Areas and Others

Baspa River - Things To Do
Bodies of Water, Nature and Others

Portions of Kinnaur are situated high in the Himalayas. Here vegetation is sparse. It consists of primarily of hardy grasses. Yaks & dzos are reared by local farmers in the higher areas. Scattered populations of the Himalayan black bear & small ponies may also be found.
According to 2011 census, Kinnaur district has a population of 84,298. This gives it a ranking of 620th in India(out of a total of 640). The district has a population of 13 inhabitants per square kilometre.

Make sure to visit Kinnaur. A beautiful place to come with lots of heritage. A wonderful place whose beauty can be only felt when you visit Kinnaur. A place you will not be able to resist once you come here once.  

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